The home of Faith

The home of Faith

The home of Faith


Faith Mitchell lives in Newcastle, UK, with her boyfriend Andy. She works as an account manager in an advertising agencyFaith originally created her Instagram profile to document the couple's first home renovation, but today the profile has grown - both in number of followers, but also personally. Faith loves to spend time on Instagram, and eagerly shares many great interior design photos with her followers. 

The couple bought their house about 2 years ago and have continuously made several extensive renovations both inside and out. 



Dark and simple 

"My interior design style is exactly the same as my wardrobe choices - dark and simple." 

Faith prefers calm darker tones, such as dark blue, grey blue, and black/grey shades when decorating the couple's home. Many of the walls in the house are painted in an elegant shade blue colour that really manages to bring out the glorious dusty and soft tones of the decor. 



Decorating is a process that never ends 

"I love getting inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, although it can sometimes be a problem when you change your mind about a room that is just finished!" 

The rattan lounge chair "Curve" has  had several placements at the home of Faith and Andy. It has  been placed in the living room and currently  it decorates the couple's bedroom. 



Follow your inner feeling 

Faith attaches great importance to the fact that decor is about following your inner feeling. What works for you and your own home may not work for someone else with a completely different type of decor. 

"Follow your gut feeling and try not to get too caught up the popular trends, they come and go so fast - instead find something you know you will love for a long time." 

Faith always makes sure to choose furniture, colours and do-it-yourself projects that she is sure to enjoy for years to come. 

"If you want to buy something, store it in your (online) basket or think about it for a few weeks, then you will be surprised at how quickly you can change your mind." 



Good design combined with a great purpose 

The couple's black "On-the-move" side table is located in the relaxing living room The living room is the place where the couple spends a lot of time both having fun but also where they relax. 

 “I think it is important that our furniture is not only aesthetically beautiful, but that they also have a purpose. Our "On-the-move" side table really manages to combine good design, while being extremely practical. ” 

The On-the-move side table is equipped with a handle so you can move the table round where needed. The table top on the On-the-move is a removable plate that can transform the table from a side table into a practical serving tray in no time. 


Products shown in the pictures: On-the-move side table smallCurve lounge chair INDOOR