The home of Elin Wallin

The home of Elin Wallin

The home of Elin Wallin


Our Swedish ambassador, Elin Wallin, lives with her husband and two children in Stockholm. She is a freelancer, influencer and interior stylist. She especially uses her creative decorating skills on her Instagram and on her blog “Studioelwa”. 

In their Swedish idyll, the Wallin family has a lovely greenhouse, which they use a lot. In the greenhouse there is plenty of room for relaxation, but also room for spending time with friend and family. 

Interest in interior 

"Interior is both my biggest interest and my work, so that's what my blog and Instagram are all about." 

Elin finds great joy in decorating and seeing new opportunities when it comes to giving the home a makeover. She enjoys inspiring people and giving them good ideas. 

Lounge area in greenhouse

A unique twist 

At Elin's home you find many warm colours and natural materials, such as beautiful wooden furniture. She designs with a mix of recycling, DIY (do-it-yourself) and designer items. A good mix of new, exclusive and old things and decorations. It gives the interior a unique twist. 

“I would describe my style as relaxed and warm. Very Scandinavian boho. ” 

(Boho stands for Bohemian. A trend, a special look, a style, that gives an atmosphere that is relaxed, nice and harmonious). 

Modern lounge furniture in greenhouse

Cozy moments in the greenhouse 

"Since we are not very good with plants, we use our greenhouse more, as an extra space where you can spend time with friends and family, or just relax." 

For Elin, comfort is very important. In the past, they had furniture of small sizes in the greenhouse, but now the family finds it more cosy with furniture of a size that can accommodate more people. They love their new sofa and lounge chair, which certainly gives the greenhouse charm. Of course, they have some plants in the greenhouse too, but most often they stick to those who last for a long time and do not require too much care. 

Side table grey tones

Decor do not have to be so serious 

Elin's photos and posts are primarily about decor. However, she sometimes combines it with pictures of herself, her two children or a friend. The fact that people can see who is behind the camera gives a special personal touch. The pictures are often with a twinkle in the eye or taken in a fun and unexpected way. She is of the opinion that decor should not become too monotonous or too traditional. 

"In my opinion, decor do not have to be that serious." 

Greenhouse decor cosy atmosphere

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