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    Spin combines the modern design with the passionate and traditional craftsmanship. An elegantly designed chair in natural rattan and steel almost floats on a simple and elegant chassis. The beautifully woven rattan embraces the body and offers both outstanding comfort and a visual beautiful aesthetic. Spin expresses at one time both the modern and the classic style. The chair therefore fits in wherever you desire - both as a dining chair, as a modern and simple extra chair at the small working desk or as a meeting chair in the conference room. In other words, Spin adjusts to its surroundings and your needs. The seat cushion is constructed in the soft and useful Cane-line Natte, stretched over the molded and tapered seat, which requires just a simple cleaning and minimum maintenance. Spin is designed by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD, based on the Scandinavian design tradition and respect for nature and traditional craftsmanship.